colorful pieces of square-shaped chalk ready for use in a community art program

Support the Cofrin Logan Center

Your contribution can help develop research and interventions, expand opportunities for KU students, reach more community members, and help us in our effort to reduce the stigma of addiction.

Your gift for the Cofrin Logan Center is an investment in our mission. We invite you to join us as we seek to understand, prevent, and treat addiction and related disorders, promote health and improved quality of life, and reduce stigma. 

Your gift can help us:

Study and develop interventions. Provide early support for pilot research that can help us achieve federal investment for the study of innovative interventions for at-risk populations such as KU students. 

Reach more community members. Help us train more people to serve our community through programs such as SMART Recovery and our art programs at addiction and mental health services organizations. 

Expand partnerships. Support our efforts to connect services with organizations that support veterans and first-responders, regional Indigenous communities, and area schools. 

Support student achievement and research. Your gift can provide support for research awards for students mentored by our faculty, and help fund their professional development at national conferences.

An investment in the Cofrin Logan Center is an investment in our students, researchers and community. All gifts, no matter the size, help us achieve our mission. 

Gayla Guthrie with her brother Patrick Guthrie at her graduation

Honoring a Life

Gayla Guthrie hopes that sharing the story of her brother's life and creating a fund for addiction research will fuel discoveries and reduce the stigma of substance use disorders. The goal of the Patrick Guthrie Hawks for Hope Fund is to encourage, elevate and reward postsecondary addiction research.

Support for Students