Jama Bettis

Project Coordinator
Primary office:
Dole Human Development Center
Room 3066
University of Kansas
1000 Sunnyside Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66045


Jama Bettis graduated summa cum laude from the University of Tennessee in May 2017 with her Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Neuroscience minor. In June 2017, she accepted a full-time Research Coordinator position at the University of Florida with Dr. Richard Yi, Ph.D., and Dr. Ali Yurasek, Ph.D, where she coordinated over a dozen different research projects related to substance use, behavior, and interpersonal decision-making. In July 2018, Bettis accepted a position as a Research Project Coordinator and Center Administrator at the Center, which she left in August 2019 to pursue her Master's in Social Work at the University Kansas. She continues to support to Center as a part-time project coordinator.