Laura Martin

Primary office:
Department of Population Health, Mailstop 1050
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160
Second office:


Laura Martin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Population Health and the Director of the Structure and Function Unit at Hoglund Brain Imaging Center at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Her research focuses on the cognitive neuroscience of self-regulation, impulsivity, reward processing and decision making. Specifically, she utilizes cognitive neuroscience tools to understand how the brain influences health behaviors, such as smoking and eating, and how the brain can be changed through health behavior interventions. Her research is funded by the American Cancer Society and National Institutes of Health. Dr. Martin also facilitates neuroimaging research by providing technical expertise to investigators and trainees interested in adding neuroimaging to their research programs. This includes numerous ongoing and completed collaborations in areas of smoking, obesity, gambling, social neuroscience, decision-making, resting state fMRI, and neuroeconomics.